Before leaving the house, a woman needs to take good care of her appearance. However, make-up is essential. But for some people, fixing it becomes a bit difficult. It is especially at the level of the eyebrow tracing that the work becomes complicated. According to the advice of specialists, the best is to have your eyebrows drawn by a professional and to maintain them regularly at home. If you don't have the possibility of joining a beauty salon, know that  putting on your eyebrows  yourself is always a better idea. Only, there are several steps to follow.

Hair removal: an essential step

Doing your eyebrows  yourself can be time-consuming, especially for people who aren't used to doing it. Always start by brushing your eyebrows from top to bottom. It is best to use a bottle brush. With this small tool, be aware that you could reveal a very distinct line and you will be able to see the hairs to be eliminated. The easiest way is to use tweezers to get rid of unnecessary hair. When waxing, proceed slowly, without rushing. Once you see that the result is right for you, you can stop.

Eyebrow tracing: how to do it?

After waxing, it is likely that your eyebrows are not yet flawless and you certainly want to look like TV stars. Don't worry, with eyebrow tracing, you can improve your eyebrow style as you see fit. You just need to use the right equipment. It just depends on your habits. You have several choices. Either you use an eyebrow gel or you use a pencil. Anyway, you have to choose the color. A brown color is always better, but it also depends on the color of your hair.

Mistakes to avoid when drawing eyebrows

To  make up your eyebrows , it is also necessary to avoid certain gestures. First, pay attention to the inter-eyebrow space. Avoid it being too wide. It is best to keep the ears well. You should never remove a lot of hair. In addition, at the moment, the trend is to have much larger eyebrows. Then, avoid making hair removal on the top of the eyebrows. But you can still wax on the part of the temple. And most importantly, choose a style that suits the shape of your face.