You want to cut your hair and still be fashionable? The solution is bob style! The bob cut with all its versions has been the queen of feminine cups for seasons, trendy chic and easy to care for. In this article, we'll show you the shortest version of the square cut, an ultra-practical choice in everyday life that reveals the assets of your face. In addition, the short bob gives volume to fine hair with a nice natural movement. So if you're looking for the perfect cut this season, consider the short bob cut. Here are a few models of bob cuts that can guide your choice.

The pixie

The short square elf cut is the shortest cut in this style. It works on all face types, especially for the one with an elongated face. Overall, this haircut style is suitable for all women regardless of age, hair colour or face shape. It is very pretty, simple and classy at the same time. This haircut allows you to have a different style for special parties or when you just want to change your haircut without going to the salon. Wavy, thick, straight and fine hair will be suitable for this cut. The only type of hair for which it does not work is very curly hair. When you add a long, thick, side-whipped fringe to a leprechaun, the look is totally different.

Square and curly cut

Women with a natural curly short square cut are not to be outdone. You want to wear a shorter cut, but a leprechaun cut seems too short and won't suit you? A curly cut is the solution. It's a cut that flatters every face shape. The beauty of this cut is that it is just long enough to relax some of the waves and curls. Depending on the texture of your hair, a shorter cut may give you a little more hair than you want.

Square and rounded

This sexy and playful cut works well with a naturally square face shape. It also fits with a long or round face. It is advisable to avoid this cut if you have a heart-shaped face. The long bang hits the chin, drawing attention to this area. This is a feature you may want to soften because chins tend to be more oriented to the shape of the heart.