If you love the latest trendy fashions, you definitely know about a few leading fashion brands that include Armani, Ralph Lauren, Versace and Calvin Klein, among others. However, you may never know the stories behind the creators of these renowned fashion labels. This article provides some secrets behind some of renowned labels. You will also know some of the best fashion designers from around the world and how they came about with the trendy pieces that you love. Read on!

It was All about Getting the Perfect Niche

When it comes to designing the perfect fashion, it is all about art that combines beauty, attitudes, design and aesthetics. The best designers bet everyone else by coming up with pieces that meet the needs and aspirations of the target market. The most popular styles include the Haute couture, which are garments made for individual client like on the red carpets and styles for the mass market, which are ready to wear. Top fashionists take a bite on each side of the market, and this has propelled them into the international stardom.

Creativity and Innovation

Some novel designer brands were created out of sheer creativity and the innovation of the makers. Here are some examples: The founder of Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein taught himself how to sketch designs and sew at the backyard of his home. He even worked at a grocery store run by his father to make some few coins and buy the items he needed to make clothing. Today, he is known for extravagant fashion that is worn all over the world. On the other hand, Chanel, the founder of Coco Chanel fashion label was raised as an orphan and taught dressmaking. When she was old enough, she opened her shop to make garments for her neighbours. That was the start of a long career in making quality clothing. She is credited for embellishing women undergarments using jersey fabric and making perfume using the natural extracts. Her trademark little black dresses and designs are worn around the world.


Fashion designers looking to attract the young generation have to capture their rebelling nature and their need for uniqueness. People are looking for clothing that expresses their aspirations, view of the world and social attitude. Uniqueness also helps brands to stand out from all others that are creating similar styles. One of the stylists that was able to capture this feeling is Giorgio Armani. The stylist built his brand on elegance and uniqueness. Despite the fact that he later expanded to restaurants and fragrances, his clothing brand is still one of the highly regarded ones around the world. Many others have followed this style and have been creating labels that capture individuality, personality and unique ideas of the target market.


The best designers around the world have a passion for what they do. The push allows them to create pieces that although not appreciated at the start gain recognition from fashionistas around the world. Before the brands came to life, it took time, effort and unlimited changes. One of the brands that showcase the passion and dedication for quality styles is Ralph Lauren. The American label is known for polo T-shirts and short sleeved shirts. Over the time, the passion for this line has led to the creation of ten lines with similar characteristics. Today, there is a polo shirt for just any person around the world.