Who wouldn't dream of a super sexy, super trendy look? Who wouldn't dream of copying the look of big stars? In fact, that's exactly why celebrity and fashion magazines display clich├ęd photos of stars. Some magazines even tell you where you can find the same clothes or clothes that closely resemble those of the stars. A rather retro but very elegant look is coming back into fashion nowadays. This is the houndstooth print. Some would say it's so old-fashioned. But what's wrong with it? Let's just say it's original, and it makes you stand out from the crowd.

Houndstooth print

But what is the houndstooth print really? What exactly does it look like? Actually, as the name suggests, it's a print that looks like houndstooth prints. This print originated in Scotland in the late 19th century. It's a graphic-style print, much like check prints. It's from the same period as the Prince of Wales print. And both types of prints are very popular with designers and stars nowadays. We often see houndstooth printed clothing worn by models at major fashion shows, or worn by stars at large galas and receptions. The houndstooth print is usually an alloy of black and white threads, but there may also be other colours.

Wearing houndstooth prints

That's a pretty big dilemma. The houndstooth print is a daring look, since at one time it was considered a nerd look. In order to break any prejudice, it is imperative to marry it well with other clothes in your wardrobe. A sexy and elegant look will be for example to marry the print with black, whether it is a skirt, trousers, top or jacket. It would be a very chic casual look. But you can also accompany the print with another daring colour to give it a rock and roll feel. There are also small pieces in houndstooth prints, such as gloves, scarves, etc. It's up to you to find your way.

Cocker spaniel print

There is also a cocker spaniel print, which resembles the houndstooth print itself, but in a larger version. Both prints are very often combined on the same outfit.