For those with large busts, choosing a dress is not always easy. Discover our tips for choosing the best dress for people with large bust.

Choose the right cleavage

Having a large chest doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to cleavage. To wear a dress with a large bust, you simply need to choose the right cleavage. The ideal would be a wraparound dress with a V-shaped neckline. Such a neckline makes it possible to lengthen the bust and discreetly reveal the emerging curve of the bust. In the evening, a strapless dress will also do the trick. If the look on your chest sometimes bothers you. You can try to camouflage it a little by wearing a round-necked dress that is both chic and glamorous. The dress with a boat neck is also perfect. It allows you to look a little sexy, but still elegant.

Choose the cut of your dress with care

To wear a dress with a large bust, it is advisable to choose the cut of the dress carefully. If you like strapless dresses, choose models with wide straps. This will give your breasts a much better support. For those who are more sensitive to the cold, a wallet dress, preferably with short sleeves, is an excellent compromise. It highlights your cleavage without revealing anything. If you have an H-shaped morphology, i.e. a slightly marked waist, prefer straight and short cut dresses. For the most daring, a trapeze dress is ideal to stand out and erase small curves. Those with a slim waist can opt for a slim-fitted dress, just below the bust, to show it off to advantage.

Mistakes to avoid

To wear a dress with a strong bust, with class, you must avoid dresses with turtlenecks and high collars at all costs. These dresses tend to enclose the bust and thicken the upper body. Even if flounces and embroidery are at the forefront of the trend, avoid V-neck designs that add volume to the bust, something you probably don't want. Dresses that are adorned with fairly large designs should also be avoided. They have a magnifying glass effect and therefore tend to legally increase the bust.