Over the years, the skin becomes less elastic and the breasts fall off. This scientific phenomenon, called breast ptosis, is accentuated by frequent exposure to the sun. To cope with this phenomenon, here are a few tips to remember and apply.

Opt for a cold shower or ice massage

Although it is recommended to take a hot shower to relax and warm up, a cold shower is still beneficial to effectively straighten the breasts. In addition to toning the skin, it also helps to improve blood circulation. Unlike hot water, which tends to dry out the skin, it moisturizes the entire body and tightens the pores. After taking your daily warm shower, finish with a cold spray of water for 1 to 2 minutes. You can also firm up your breasts with an ice massage. To do this, massage your breasts in circular motions for one minute with two ice cubes. With a soft towel, dry them and then immediately wear a bra that fits around your breasts. Then lie down for half an hour to let the cold stimulate the tissues to make your breasts firmer. On the site Grossir Poitrine, you will find various tips to lift your naturally sagging breasts.

Use Fenugreek or olive oil

For smoother skin and firmer breasts, opt for treatment with Fenugreek. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this plant helps to fight free radicals. Apply your Fenugreek mask three times a week for optimal results. Massaging with olive oil also helps prevent sagging breasts. Containing antioxidants and fatty acids, this oil can be applied regularly to work on your breasts within minutes.

Three exercises to practice

The following three exercises will strengthen your pectorals, reduce excess fat and reshape your breasts. The first is to stand upright, then spread your legs slightly apart and stretch your arms above your head. It can be done with or without dumbbells. The second exercise requires the use of a dumbbell in each hand. On a flat bench, lie down and push it upwards by stretching your arms. This position must be held for 10 seconds. In addition, the last exercise involves doing push-ups to develop your pectorals. Your arms should be placed away from your chest, while your legs should be pulled together.