What are the effects of XXL fake eyelashes?

The look is a significant beauty asset. Not only does it define our personality, but it also improves our appearance. To bring out the gaze, we do not hesitate to use all the existing methods in cosmetology. Makeup, eyeliner, mascara ... There are hundreds on the market. But in recent years, a new accessory has stolen the showcase for these products: fake eyelashes. Practical and easy to apply, fake eyelashes allow you to have an intense look and darken. They provide a more glamorous and sophisticated effect. Fake eyelashes also enlarge the eyes. People with short, thin eyelashes tend to have small eyes. This is why, they are often extended thanks to these. Finally, they allow to have a retro and chic look. In recent years, the vintage style has become an unavoidable trend. Having  put fake eyelashes  thus enables you to be fashionable.

How to apply fake eyelashes?

In addition to providing a very nice effect, it is also easy to  put on fake eyelashes . However, it must be applied to avoid the risks. To start, prepare your face. Apply foundation to hide dark circles, then apply makeup. Indeed, fake eyelashes always arise at the last step. For a retro look, favor the lines of eyeliner. Then, put glue on your fake eyelashes. Wait a few seconds for it to soak up well, then lay the fake eyelashes with tweezers. Start, going from the center to the inner corner of the eyes and finish with the ends. You can adjust the pose by dabbing them well. Finish the makeup with a little powder on the eyelids. This allows the fake eyelashes to be properly fixed.

What are the mistakes to avoid when applying fake eyelashes?

Fake eyelashes, if improperly applied, can lead to serious consequences such as irritation or swelling of the eyes. Therefore, care must be taken when applying it. Avoid applying too much glue on fake eyelashes, failing to get them in the eyes. Besides, a few drops are enough to fix them to the eyelids. Also only use certified products. The chemicals are harmful to the eyes. They can cause allergies and other side effects. Finally, always remove your fake eyelashes before sleeping, from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye.