Initially, electrostimulation was intended for medical use. It was medical equipment for the rehabilitation of people who had suffered a trauma or injury. But in recent years, it has been used for weight training.

Is muscle building with electrostimulation effective?

Electrostimulation consists of pushing the muscle to contract with the help of an electrical discharge. The gluteal, abdominal and leg muscles are shaped by electrodes. It is the electric current that contracts the muscle. There are different forms of electrostimulation: abdominal belts to sculpt the abs, electrodes to muscle the buttocks or thighs. Electrostimulation makes the muscle work and shape it. The advantage of building muscle with electrostimulation is that it allows you to reach areas that are not accessible through physical exercise. But it is not enough to use electro-stimulation to build up muscles. It is a complement to sporting activity. It can also be used during training. For electrostimulation to work effectively, it is best to set it in motion twice a week. Single use of electrostimulation is less effective. It is also necessary to practise sport when using electrostimulation.

The effects of electrostimulation

In addition to firming muscles and toning the body, electrostimulation improves blood circulation and evacuates toxins from the body. Accompanied by physical activity and a healthy diet, electrostimulation allows you to burn fat. If you have muscular pains after training, electrostimulation sessions help you to relieve your aches and pains. For professional sportsmen and women, electrostimulation strengthens the muscles and increases endurance.

Strength training with electro-stimulation equipment

When you sit on your couch, no part of your body will be curved even if you use the weight machine. You can use electrostimulation while doing nothing, but the results are poor. Only the parts that have been solicited have obtained the desired results. In order to work effectively, electro-stimulation must be accompanied by physical and sports activity and the consumption of a healthy, balanced, protein-rich food. This is the only condition for electrostimulation to have an influence on muscle strengthening and development. Electro-stimulation used after physical effort promotes physical recovery. It eliminates toxins and lactic acid, reduces aches and relaxes the muscles. Electrostimulation is a complementary method for professional athletes. The use of electrostimulation has no impact on health as long as the contraindications are strictly respected. The application of electrostimulation is forbidden to pregnant women and those who have just suffered muscular accidents.