Celebrities will do anything to stay young and beautiful. That's why they don't hesitate to use all the methods that can give them a dream body. Lately, Pilates has become the favourite exercise of the stars.

What does Pilates exercise consist of?

Squat, yoga, lunges... There are several physical exercises that keep you in shape. Pilates is one of the most effective. But what is it all about? Pilates is a set of exercises that strengthens the deep muscles of our body. It focuses on the core muscles, especially the abdominal, pelvic and back muscles. According to studies, these muscles represent the vital energy of our body. They can make us physically and even mentally fitter. The main goal of Pilates is therefore to sculpt the body. However, it also has an impact on the mentality, and even on the mind. There are 4 ways to get into Pilates. You can practice stott Pilates, power Pilates, yoga Pilates and the original Pilates, created by the famous Joseph Pilates.

Why take up Pilates?

If many celebrities have decided to take up Pilates, it's no coincidence. Indeed, this method would prove to be very effective and would bring many benefits to the body. First of all, Pilates improves posture. It adjusts and strengthens the muscles of our body. It also relieves various tensions in the back and spine. Secondly, it promotes better blood circulation. It strengthens the internal organs and helps them to function better. Moreover, it eliminates the various toxins present in our body. It is therefore an excellent method to lose weight. Finally, it strengthens the body, gives it more energy and endurance.

How to practice Pilates?

Getting started with Pilates is far from being difficult. Being a more or less simple exercise, you can practice it even as a beginner. Here are two Pilates exercises that you can do at home: - The hundred: This exercise works the abs. Its principle is simple: you will lie on your back, bend both knees, then you extend both legs at 45°, raising your head and shoulders slightly. You stay in this position for about ten seconds, then you relax. Repeat the movement at least 5 times. - Small circles: as its name suggests, this exercise consists of making circular movements with your legs. To do this, you must lie down on the left side of your body and stretch your legs without putting them on the ground.