Surely, you're one of those women who likes to wear makeup no matter where you go. Be aware that there are several mistakes that can affect your appearance. In the following lines, discover a list of them and thus prevent missed make-up.

Mistakes and choices on the basics

Before putting on make-up, don't make the mistake of forgetting to put on foundation, and trust your skin colour. Always apply foundation powder that is less matte than your skin colour, and it's best not to overuse the bronzer, but put it only on both cheekbones, on the forehead and on the cradles of the nose. Of course, it is important to choose your powder carefully before buying it, test it to see if it is more similar to your skin color.

The imperfection of eye makeup

If you need to use a concealer to hide a tired look, avoid applying a concealer that is too pale than your skin colour and apply it in very large quantities. Please do not over-apply mascara, it is better to have the effect of a doe's eye, and not too plumped up. To avoid the effect of eyes like a panda's, the smoky - Eyes you choose should be less smoky. When you apply eye shadow, combine it with your shoe and avoid the effect of a dubious taste.

Mistakes to avoid with lip make-up

Not exfoliating your lips before applying dark lipstick is a mistake.  It's better if you exfoliate them with a sweet exfoliator, and when you use lip pencil avoid a lip contour of a different color than your lipstick, it has to be. Putting lip ointment before red is not advisable, as the contents are greasy and this leads to vulgarity. For your own sake, please note that before going to bed, you must remove your make-up, as a clean skin is fundamental for a beautiful and successful make-up. In conclusion, good make-up as a star for women is essential for its appearance. Make sure you wear make-up like a star and avoid certain mistakes that don't pass for your event to be totally perfect. If you don't know how to get the best result, don't hesitate to ask for help from a third party who can show you the best practices.