The flashes, the stars, the paparazzi, the delirious crowd: a parade on the red carpet is always synonymous with glamour. It's also an opportunity for the stars to show off their most beautiful outfits with impeccable make-up. When it comes to make-up, kissing red lips have always been a sure thing.

Signature of the femme fatale

The modern lipstick as we know it was invented in the 1920s, however known as indelible. As its name suggests, red was the first colour that was marketed more accurately as "Kissing Red". Soon, lipstick became a huge success with performing artists. In the 1950s, with the arrival of the Pin-up, lipstick took on another meaning: it was also a means of seduction. The ultimate symbol of femininity, red lips serve as an accessory that enhances the face and complexion. Legend has it that Marylin Monroe, the ultimate femme fatale, even mixed dozens of lipsticks together before obtaining her personal colour.

The red carpet must have

Originally prized by stage performers, lipstick quickly became a trend that stars of all eras have adopted even to this day. Red has the particularity of captivating the eyes, whatever the complexion of the person, while harmonizing with all styles of clothing. While colour is universally appreciated, it is the trend that determines how it should be applied. In the 1920s, lipstick was applied in liquid form with a brush. Then, at the end of the 80s, the scrolling model had to be accompanied by highlighting with a pencil. The matte style is currently more in vogue, taking the place of glosses.

How to wear kissable red?

It's not only stars who dare to wear this colour, kissable red can also be worn on a daily basis, as long as you respect a few basic rules. When using red lipstick, the rest of the make-up should be light: a fine line of eyeliner and a touch of mascara with a minimum of foundation is enough. Then, for a lipstick application, a pencil line beforehand is mandatory for a uniformly made up mouth. Moreover, for a long-lasting hold of the lipstick, it is more advisable to apply three coats spaced by one dose of blush.