There are many food supplements available in the market to help you fight fatigue, stress or lose weight. In recent years, the market for these products has been growing and many people have the bad or good habit of consuming these food supplements regularly.

What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are concentrated substances based on plants, nutrients: vitamins and mineral salts and products with a nutritional purpose such as proteins, fatty acids or antioxidants. Food supplements come in different forms: lozenges, capsules, tablets, bottles, sachets, phials, ampoules... Today, more and more people are taking food supplements to supplement a weight loss diet, for example, or to combat fatigue. Food supplements are not medicines. Labelling and advertising must not state that such a food supplement can cure or treat any disease. Although food supplements are not medicines, daily doses must strictly follow the recommendations of nutritionists. The list of herbs used in the manufacture of these products must be included in the labelling. There are different categories of dietary supplements on the market: for hair and beard, for sports and weight training, for weight loss or weight gain, for pregnancy, for osteoarthritis, etc. People on special diets such as vegetarians must take food supplements. But care must be taken to avoid misuse such as overdosing or using several products at the same time.

The booming market for food supplements

Currently many French people are used to using food supplements. Most consumers believe that taking food supplements helps to treat health problems. The rush to take dietary supplements has increased the market for these products. In 2018, the market share of dietary supplements is 1.9 billion euros in France. Vitality, sleep, digestion and stress occupy the largest share of the market. The best-selling products are for transit and digestion, followed by stress and mood. Slimming products are the most demanded in supermarkets.

The positive effects of food supplements

Before food supplements were only a simple combination of magnesium and vitamin B6, but today it is a combination of dozens of components to have a maximum effect. Since antioxidants such as zinc or selenium cannot be put on the plate, it is good to take food supplements. Products composed of amino acids, vitamins and draining plants are excellent only as a slimming aid. Used alone without following a diet and regular physical activity, these food supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle for permanent weight loss.

Beautiful and round: stars proud of their bodies!

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Star stylists: secrets of red carpet looks

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Tips from the stars to look good in photos

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